Android Instant Apps – Top Benefits of Leveraging One For Your Startup


Last year on May 2016 at the Google I/O developer conference, Google announced Android Instant Apps that caught the attention of mobile app developers worldwide. These apps are simply bridging the gap between web applications and native applications.

Some call it as a “frenemy” for developers while some app marketers call it a boon for a better tomorrow. No matter which way it goes, but it’s sure that this new release will surely prove to be a game-changer for startups.

What are Android Instant Apps?

When it comes to talking about Android Instant Apps, these are such apps that allow Android apps to run instantly without requiring installation.

Through these applications, you can experience what you really love about apps like fast and wonderful user interfaces, excellent capabilities, and rich performance. These apps have all set to be the future of Android technology as we know it to be.

In simple words, we can say that Android Instant Apps are the lite versions of Android native apps, allowing users to use without having to download it. The user will be redirected to a small app version of the mobile website when he/she taps on its deep link, which is associated with the Instant app.

Android Instant apps instantly open like web apps, but these apps are working like native apps. Eventually, it makes the user acquisition frictionless for Entrepreneurs and developers.

How Do Android Instant Apps Work?

Do you know how Android Instant Apps work? These apps work by moderating the native applications. Mainly, a native application is divided into small modules, where every single module has classified portions of the full native application.

To give a clear idea about Android Instant Apps, the Android team at Google I/O release a demo video to showcase how it could work with Buzzfeed’s app:

Google also promised that developers would be able to make their apps compatible with Instant Apps with minimal effort. With this, there is an end of worthless mobile websites and allowing users to access effective and better-looking apps without installing them into the smartphones.

Benefits of Android Instant Apps for Startups

Better Reach

Now, there is a gap between a mobile application and mobile web getting smaller with the Android Instant Apps. We can’t decide that whether the future of mobility is in apps or on the web, but one thing is for sure that whichever way it goes, it will avail the enterprise and developers with a great reach. Now, they do not have to struggle with their app store ranking and they can market their application in various other ways as well.


nstant Apps Mean Better User Experience

Using Instant Apps, businesses of different industries can also benefit greatly, especially eCommerce. As we know that shopping on a mobile web page is terrifying and most of the people really hate it. There are lots of applications on the web, they are first greeting users with Open in the App that is waste and irritating for users.

However, Instant Apps gives a great solution to this problem where if a customer looks for a product, startups can direct them to their Instant App with the required information, which is a time-saver.

Many a times, eCommerce businesses are facing a situation, where people looking to purchase a product from them, but the problem is the mobile web experience is annoying. So, these types of startups can use Instant Apps, where they can make the shopping experience of users better that results in increasing user acquisition.

Completely Responsive

As compared to mobile web, the Android Instant Apps are more custom, responsive, and flexible that give users a better experience that they are looking for. Furthermore, there is no need for users to bother about storage space issues anymore. From a UX perspective, it is a plus point.

Improved Productivity

Get the above-mentioned two points at a single place and let’s clear and relishing improved productivity. One thing is you are creative enough to excite the users and have a better reach, there’s no way you can’t reap improved productivity with your mobile app.

You will have more chances of reaching new clients and at a comparatively faster rate. It will be possible with the new marketing options that you will have. Once you get them, the remaining depends on your creativity and the user experience you serve.

Decreases Duplication of Efforts

Another important benefit of Android Instant Apps is that it will decrease the duplication of efforts. Whenever any user will visit a mobile website, it will show him/her a message “open in app”.

Now, it would lead to directly redirecting the user to the Instant Apps. It would not break users’ chain of thought and it might result in more benefits for eCommerce apps.

Wrapping Up

Android Instant Apps are a completely revolutionary idea that makes apps available for users anytime and anywhere without installing them on the smartphone. Startups can make use of Android Instant Apps and get many advantages and expand their business worldwide.

Moreover, startups can grow their business as such apps enable startups to focus on what matter most – like delivering a wonderful experience for their services. If you have decided to develop one for your business, you ensure that you hire a leading android app development company that has experience of developing such apps.




5 Secrets of Great Entrepreneurs


There is no such thing as being a good at business and such assumption sounds preposterous, to begin with. After all, what is a good entrepreneur exactly? Is it someone with great leadership skills, vast experience in their field of work or someone efficient at making contact? Actually, it is all of the above, but the way you get there is the tricky part. Because of this, here are five secrets of accomplished entrepreneurs that are bound to do wonders for both professional and personal aspects of your life.

1.      Getting in Shape

Chess legend Bobby Fischer once admitted that the first time he felt a back pain during the tournament game, he was bound to lose even to a much inferior opponent. This is why he paid special attention to his fitness and ran for miles each and every day. When you enter a big league (and modern business world is nothing short of it) you cannot allow your poor physical health to hold you down. Because of this, any ambitious entrepreneur will have to put an emphasis on getting in shape.

2.      Sharing Responsibility

Every great businessman knows that menial daily tasks can be more exhausting than major corporate decisions. Trying to deal with all of them on your own, is going to leave you completely exhausted which is why you need to stop micro-managing everything. Start sharing some of these responsibilities with your employees or even consider hiring a virtual assistant.

3.      Cognitive Skills Enhancers

Once your business starts growing, you won’t have the time to catch a break. This is why you must be ready to give 110 percent of your capacities. While some resort to meditation, yoga and similar methods of boosting their alertness, more and more entrepreneurs are looking towards pharmaceutic solutions to their problem. For example, enhancers like Lucid smart pill are specifically designed to have a positive effect on your focus, mental stamina and memory, giving you the overall productivity boost you so desperately need. From outside, this pill seems more like something you are likely to see in a Sci-Fi movie than on a pharmacy stand.

4.      Working on Confidence

A lot of time, it is the duty of an entrepreneur to persuade other people to entrust them with their hard earned money. If the entrepreneur in question doesn’t look confident enough, people are bound to second-guess their decision to cooperate with such a person. There are several ways to show more confidence in your business and they are mostly consisted of seemingly unrelated things such as your posture, positivity and openness towards feedback. Those who manage to achieve this are bound to get themselves on the path towards something great.

5.      Knowing Your Business

Sun Tzu once said in his The Art of War that the key to success in battle lies in deception. This rule applies to the world of business as well. One of your main goals should be to make your business appear stronger than it is (regardless how big you have become), but this can sometimes be a double-edged sword. Through this deception, they convince themselves that their business is much stronger than it actually is, which makes them accept projects they could never finish in time or with results that are good enough. Sun Tzu also said: “If you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles.” Therefore, making a mistake of overestimating yourself can be a horrifying thought.


As you can see, there is much similarity between the great entrepreneurs of the 21st century and military leaders of old. Both must become an inspiring image to their employees and a proper nightmare for their competitors. All is fair in love and war and business seems to be no short of warfare.



Car Maintenance Tips: When is the Right Time to Change your Disc Brakes?

If your car’s brake pedal flutters once you step on it or if your brakes start to pull to one side or squeal, then you should definitely inspect your disc brakes. Brake linings and disc brakes should be checked every 10,000 miles, but people often take their maintenance for granted. However, it can save you plenty (in the long run) and is vital to your vehicle and safety.

What Causes Disc Brakes to Wear Out?

One of the major causes for worn out rotors is driving with worn brake pads. They cause wear to occur as they scrape against the rotors. When worn pads keep hitting the rotors, the rotors can warp completely, or due to the scores and scrapes on the rotors.

The metal in the rotor can contract and expand due to big temperature changes, which may cause the rotor to wear out at a much faster rate. It occurs when the brakes are used constantly and excessively, for example, if you’re driving down steep grades, you’ll be putting force onto the brake rotors more than you would in normal driving circumstances.

As you drive, the amount of debris and dirt is being accumulated by the rotors. As the metal of the rotors tends to get eaten away by the dirt, this causes gouging and pitting, so the rotors wear out at an accelerated rate.

How to Inspect your Disc Brakes?

There are several things to check and ensure whether they’re working properly or not, during the brake inspection. This has to be done at least twice a year, or more often if you drive more than an average person (frequent business travels to distant places or everyday commuting). Regular brake disc inspection will help you save money from potential damages (that could be the result of no brake maintenance), as well as protect you and your passengers. It’s easier to inspect cars with alloy rims, because it can be done without removing the wheels. In other cases, the wheels have to be taken off (which shouldn’t be a constraint).

Take the wheel off. Grab the tools needed for removing a wheel, loosen the lug nuts, jack up the end of the car where the wheel is, and support it with jack stands. Take the wheel off.

Check the brake rotor. Take a look at it, but don’t try to remove it. See whether there’s any scoring, heavy rust, or uneven wear. Unless the car has been standing idle for some time and the rust has really built up, rust generally is harmless. If you notice that the disc is worn unevenly or badly scored, you should consult a mechanic about whether it needs to be replaced or can be resurfaced.

There should be a “Worn Rotor Minimum Thickness” limit engraved on the edge of the disc, and the rotors should be replaced before their thickness has reached that limit (measure rotor thickness with a micrometer).

Make sure that the parking brake is off and the car is in neutral state. As you’re looking at the brake rotor, spin it around with your hand, and it should turn smoothly (more or less). If it happens that it grabs in one space, it may have excessive brake pad deposits or be warped. If you need a new rotor, check your vehicle’s owner’s manual to see the type of the brake rotor it uses, and purchase a quality brake rotor from a DBA authorized disc brakes seller.

Check the brake pads. Look at the brake pads through the inspection hole in the dust shield on the caliper. See if the linings on the brakes are worn by measuring their thickness. The pads should be replaced if the lining is down to the thickness of the steel backing plate. The disc should be replaced if the linings have worn to the metal pads.

Check the brake caliper. The caliper will be hot if the car has been driven recently. If not, shake it gently to make sure that the mounting hardware isn’t worn and that it isn’t loosely mounted.

Check the brake lines for leaks. The rubber that goes between the steel brake line, attached to the brake caliper and the frame should be free of cracks and dry.

Put the wheel back on.

Take care of your car’s brake system by regularly inspecting them and changing the worn out parts – rotors, pads, calipers – and by checking brake lines for leaks and cracks. The brake system is one of the essential systems in your vehicle, so a good maintenance unquestionably important. If you realize that your disc brakes need to be repaired or replaced, don’t wait, but pay a visit to your trusted mechanic as soon as possible.




Connected Car Tech Becomes Contextual to the Driver’s Location and Lifestyle

Half a century ago we were astounded by Batman’s fancy Lincoln Futura. The first time it appeared on TV, everyone wanted to get their hands on the technology, even though most of its in-car features were unrealistic at the time. Things have changed a lot since, and right now communications companies, automakers, and tech companies want to transform all cars into ground-breaking high-tech Batmobiles.




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Best PHP 7 Tutorials For Complete Beginners

PHP 7 has been praised to be the best ever versions of PHP till now. PHP 7 came out with some important changes over the previous versions of PHP, PHP7 is has praises for good speed and performance. PHP 7 also introduced new operator and new scalar type declarations. PHP 7 includes some new methods for error handling a new hierarchy, type error and new types such as int, float, string, and boolean.



How to Upload Files to Bitbucket in Ubuntu 14.04?

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The Viewport – Responsive Web Design

Viewport meta tag is the primary idea of Responsive Web Design. The viewport differs from device to device. It will be smaller on a mobile when contrasted with PC screen. To set the viewport, HTML5 presented a technique tag, to permit developers to take control over the viewport. It is compulsory to include viewport element in all your web pages. Read more at FindNerd.



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