Best PHP 7 Tutorials For Complete Beginners

PHP 7 has been praised to be the best ever versions of PHP till now. PHP 7 came out with some important changes over the previous versions of PHP, PHP7 is has praises for good speed and performance. PHP 7 also introduced new operator and new scalar type declarations. PHP 7 includes some new methods for error handling a new hierarchy, type error and new types such as int, float, string, and boolean.



Integration of Braintree Payment Getway with PHP

In this blog we will learn, how to made payment with Braintree Getway. First download the library, register with Braintree and get merchant id. Create customer id & fill customer details with Braintree. There are two ways define to make payment with Braintree first with existing customer & the other is new customer. Read more at FindNerd.



How To Count The Characters In A String Such As Letters, Numbers And More Using PHP

Learn How To Count The Characters In A String Such As Letters, Numbers And More Using PHP.



Test Your Code Online Through Top 15+ Websites

In this post I have a list of Test Your Code Online Through Top 15+ Websites.you need to have internet connections to check your codes on these online apps. So what are you waiting for? Check codes and make your website go online…Enjoy coding!……



How to Add a PDF to Your Website – Embed PDF WordPress

Web Hosting. WordPress Domain; Install WordPress; WordPress FTP




Create an Advanced Reflective Clear Layer Style in … – Tutorial Blog

AboutAbout Theme; GalleryOur Gallery; PortfolioOur Portfolio; Tutorial All Tutorial ; ContactWrite a Message … This Photoshop tutorial will show you how to create this surreal scene where a boy is going far from his toys.




Web development | CSS | HTML | MySQL | PHP | Website Design …

Hi, I am looking for a developper that can fix few little error on 2 of my websites. I have the manual on where to go and do it but it just take me a little.www.freelancer.com/…/PHP…/Web-development.2327357.ht…




Steve Aoki feat. Rivers Cuomo – Earthquakey People (Alvin Risk …

DBForms from MS Access to PHP+PostgreSQL allows you to convert mdb ( Microsoft Access for DbConvert http://t.co/k3TILL4O



css problem – DesignersTalk

I need to really sit down and do some css tutorials , I'm getting so rusty. I'm trying to create this header: Here is my html + css



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