Why One Should Invest in an iPhone 6 Plus Screen Protector

So, you have finally realized your dream by coveting one of the most desired and loved devices of the generation; the iPhone 6. Before you start showing it off to the world, take guard. It’s never wise to flaunt and use the phone without a screen protector. Sounds naïve? Might be; but not using a screen protector can force you to bear consequences in the long-run, which might even require you to stay away from the loved device of yours. To keep such risks at bay, always opt for an iPhone 6 plus screen protector; this would let you enjoy and use it without any worries.




All What you Need -The Best iPhone VPN

We all know that iPhone has a rich database of applications. It provides its users with a large number of options to choose from. You only need to login into its app store and choose the applications of your interest and need. Do you know what is the latest must have app for your iPhone? It is no brainer to guess that people have started to download VPNs on their iPhones like anything. It has become the hottest trend.




Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G vs Micromax Yu Yureka – What to Choose?

Mobiles have always been a great source of entertainment, information and to top it all awesome medium to stay connected with your near and dear ones, family, friends, associates and businesses.




iPhone App Development for Increased App Lifespan

What is the standard lifespan of an Iphone app? Answer to this pertinent enquiry does not always arouse much of a hope for a developer, particularly for someone who thinks of creating an everlasting impression in the user’s mind. According to reliable surveys, almost half of all the app downloads in an Iphone user’s device are driven by a friend’s recommendation and not by the user’s spontaneous desire of using the application. The Iphone users suffer from a very limited attention period and more than 85% of apps do not even get a single glance over a length of a week. An average user hardly use an app 20 times before moving over and almost two-third of all the apps downloaded does not even get used after two months from the date of download.




What Are the Best Web Design Standards for iPhone?

iPhone development attracts the best of designers from around the world. Being one of the most sought after gadgets in the world it has seen hundreds of thousands of apps, each fighting for a space of its own in the ecosystem. One of the main goals of the designers is to create interfaces that are intuitive and easy to use. Over the years some standards web design patterns have been adopted by developers while creating iPhone apps. Here in this short write-up we shall take a look at some of best design standards for iPhone.



Research Shows Brands Using Mobile Ads to Boost Clickthroughs

If there is still doubt about the profitability of mobile devices, that should be erased with the report that brands are increasing their engagement via mobile ads. According to the latest report, the average CTR (click-through rate) for mobile campaigning has increased by threefold the past year, and much higher compared with the desktop.



Best 5 Educational Apps for iPhone Users

An iPhone is much more than a smart phone and it is useful for anybody. It is the apps which make an iPhone so great. iPhone constantly undergoes modification and it comes up with new, more sophisticated applications which gain innumerable fans and followers within no time. The apps for iPhones are innovative and they can be used by anyone ranging from a chef to a businessman. Even students from the high school can use iPhone applications. They can build up their word power and learn new languages with the help of apps. Practically speaking, you name it iPhone has it is the situation. The whole world has virtually reduced in size and iPhone is the best gadget for the inquisitive souls among us. It is more useful for students of all ages. Let us have a look at the best 5 educational apps for iPhone users.




Good News for Andhra Users – Idea Launches Unlimited Talk Time Offers

For prepaid customers in the state of Andhra Pradesh, Idea Cellular presents a great surprise. For offering unlimited talk time, internet and SMS services to prepaid users, Idea has been announced as a first telecom operator in Andhra Pradesh.




Top 3 Smartphones with Android KitKat

Android KitKat is the most popular Android update released till date. All the smartphones that comes with Android version 4.4.3 KitKat brings a wide arrange of attractive features with them, making it one of the most anticipated update ever. Even though not many smartphones in the market comes with this version of Android but Google has stated that it is more than willing to make all the devices switch to KitKat by the end of the year if the manufacturers provide the desired support. Following is the list of top 3 smartphones that are backed by Android KitKat version:




How can Apple Change the Traditional Gaming Space?

Gaming industry analysts and insiders are convinced that Apple is planning an entry into the traditional gaming market. Facts are few and far between, so there is a lot of guesswork and theorizing at this point, but experts are certain that Apple’s entry is coming. When it will happen, and what it will look like, are the big questions now. Though the company is known for keeping its plans secret, theories abound as to exactly what Apple will be bringing out as their entry into gaming.



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