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MSD logo creation series.First part of the tutorials set that will help you in the logo creation process for you or your clients.



5 Things I Wish I Knew About Blogging Before I Started

Blogging is like most things you do in life. The more you practice it, the better you become at doing it.




Online Free Blogging Tutorials

online free blogging tutorils, hub of seo tips and tricks



Procedure On Disabling Metro Start Screen In Windows 8

The Metro Start Screen is one of newest features of Windows 8. On all the previous versions of Windows, after booting the user would directly be logged into the start-up screen. With Windows 8 it is a little bit different. After booting the user is taken to the Metro Start Screen. The Metro Start Screen is the screen that comes up before the User Log on Screen it is normally represented with a picture. For some users it can be quiet frustrating and time wasting. That is the reason as to why I decided to write this article. If the instructions in this article are followed correctly one will be able to easily by-pass the Windows 8 Metro Start Screen on booting and windows will automatically log into the start-up screen.




Stop Blogger Country Specific URL Redirection

What is Country specific URL Redirection? It was introduced by Blogger in 2012. In this method Blogger blogs are accessed through the TLD’s of the specific countries from where they are being accessed. For example, when a user from Japan visits simple.blogspot.com, Blogger will automatically redirect the URL of the blog to simple.blogspot.jb, as the visitor was from Japan.


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