Instagram TWISTS: 4 Dynamic Ways for Building Brand Awareness

If you are not ignoring the immense brand awareness boosting potential of Instagram, you would consider exploring the possibilities that has grown its membership to over 500 million users as at August 2016. The presence of such huge numbers give the dynamic marketer ready ideas that may require some twists for enviable results. The Instagram TWISTS appears to be the magic wand that several businesses are exploring on a day to day basis.




Improve your Customer’s Feedback with These Simple Tips

With the help of analytics and data, we can get a fair idea what the customer wants. But sometimes we want to know it straight from the horse’s mouth and so customer feedback is necessary for our business. It helps us to understand certain things about our customers like their preferences, the reason behind a particular purchase or not purchasing a specific item, etc. Walking around interviewing people is no longer a practical option; neither is calling them and asking for a feedback. Thanks to the rapid advancement of technology, we now have various ways at our disposal through which we can get customer feedback. And if you want to keep your customers with you and attract new ones, then definitely go for customer feedback software as the help that you get from these is invaluable.




7 Ways to Curate Content

Content marketing is a common buzz phrase in the business and advertising world. Websites and social media accounts need to include new and interesting content to keep users interested and help promote brand loyalty. One of the biggest reasons for a need for fresh content is social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook where real-time updates are a must to stay relevant.




The Growth of Social Media as an Online Marketing Tool

Today, social media is no longer a platform used only for sharing your latest photos with friends or posting what you had for dinner. It has become one of the most popular tools for mass interaction, with an increasing number of companies using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the like for promoting their brand and connecting with a wider audience. The below infographic from Maximillion is an interesting depiction of how event organizers use social media to market their events.  Don’t forget to check out the last section, which has some valuable tips on utilizing the power of this social giant the right way!




Is CRM Your Cup of Tea? How to Know?

Venturing into the world of customer relationship management (CRM) can be touch. The most vital aspect before selecting, implementing, and using a CRM system is to know certain things that are crucial to survive in the dynamic ecosystem of CRM. Below are some of the most vital facts you must realize before navigating CRM technology.




Torrent VPN – A Safe Way To Download All Your Favorite Content

A lot of people ask me what a torrent VPN is and why would they need it. Torrents are undoubtedly the most popular means to download as well as share the digital data, thanks to the ease of download as well as the lack of any sort of server needs. In post torrent times, all downloads were shared on FTP or HTTP servers, which meant a single server would be handling every user’s downloads. This certainly demanded servers that had high bandwidths internet connection for which you had to pay a big amount based on the connection speed. Since content is increasing swiftly in file size and the residential internet connections in their bandwidth, the servers also increasingly need a huge bandwidth.




The Buck Stops with You: Practical Tips on How You Can Protect Yourself and Your Family from Online Dangers

There are many dangers online but there are some dangers that we inadvertently expose ourselves to. Sure, we can put up parental locks against unsavory content but what if you were the one exposing your family to great danger.




How To Help Social Media To Save Interest Through Debt Consolidation?

The debt consolidation is one of the oldest ways, which people have been relying to get rid of their credit card debts. However, it is nothing but closing one load and opening the other and often termed as a vicious circle, which never tend to end. Yet people seem to rely on it as it allows you to find subtle time to get rid of the loan gradually and easily. However, one challenge people often faces is the growing amount of interest, which remains a sword on one’s neck. At such junctures, one of the best sources, which help you to play safe, is to rely over the social media wherein you get loads of tips and tricks to reduce the interest of the debt consolidation. Let’s check them out as under:



Your Secret Weapon: Turning Social Media Leads Into Sales

For the last several years, social media has become the way for businesses to increase their brand awareness and build a loyal following. As social media becomes even more popular, many companies are looking at how they can use these sites to increase their return on investment and turn their loyal following into paying customers. In order to do this, businesses will have to rework their current social media marketing strategies by taking a more strategic approach to how they distribute their content and how they measure their results.


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