Tyre Maintenance Tips

Tyre Maintenance Tips

Maintaining the condition of your car’s tyres can seem like a chore, but it is essential to do so that you do not find yourself in a difficult position like being stuck at the side of the road in need of some emergency assistance. To prevent this frustrating situation, we have asked Alan of Suttons UK to give us his top tyre maintenance tips.

Check tyre pressure

One of the main things to keep track of with any car, is definitely the tyre pressure. It’s important to regularly check this and there are various methods of doing this, like pressure gauges, or at service stations. If the recorded number is too low, you should visit your nearest service station immediately to amend this.

Tyre rotation

Most people aren’t even aware that they should be rotating their car tyres, let alone knowing how often this needs to be done, but it’s important that all drivers are made aware of this as it could prevent you from paying unexpected expenses in the future. Tyre rotation is the practice of moving your cars tyres from one position to another, allowing them to wear evenly over the course of their lives. To rotate a tyre, it needs to be removed and refitted at a completely different position to ensure that each tyre lasts longer and wears evenly, so that you don’t have to cover the cost of replacing them regularly.

Tyre tread depth

Ensuring that your tread tyre depth meets the legal requirements is one of the most important checks that you can conduct. If you become endangered or involved in an accident and the cause is worn tyres, you can be fined up to £2,500 and have three penalty points on your licence. Save yourself the money and make sure that your tread depth meets the legal requirement, which is 1.6mm across the central three-quarters of the tyre.

Repair and replacement

When it comes to repairing or replacing a car tyre, always be sure to look at your handbook! Make sure that, in a road full of traffic, you repair or replace your tyre well out of the way with no passengers inside the vehicle. If you’re changing a tyre, one of the most important things to ensure is that this process happens on solid, flat ground as this will make certain that your car tyre has properly been replaced and is fitted correctly.

Wheel alignment

Much like tyre rotation, the process of wheel alignment is quite simple but is extremely important to keep on top of to prevent nasty expenses surprising you. Failure to keep track of your cars wheel alignment can result in increasingly rapid and irregular tyre wear, and you would have to cover the cost of the damage of this when the time comes. Problems with wheel alignment can be caused by driving into potholes in the road, or hitting a kerb at speed. If you’re not comfortable in performing wheel alignment checks yourself, you can always visit your local garage, just in case!

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