Android Instant Apps – Top Benefits of Leveraging One For Your Startup

Last year on May 2016 at the Google I/O developer conference, Google announced Android Instant Apps that caught the attention of mobile app developers worldwide. These apps are simply bridging the gap between web applications and native applications.

Some call it as a “frenemy” for developers while some app marketers call it a boon for a better tomorrow. No matter which way it goes, but it’s sure that this new release will surely prove to be a game-changer for startups.

What are Android Instant Apps?

When it comes to talking about Android Instant Apps, these are such apps that allow Android apps to run instantly without requiring installation.

Through these applications, you can experience what you really love about apps like fast and wonderful user interfaces, excellent capabilities, and rich performance. These apps have all set to be the future of Android technology as we know it to be.

In simple words, we can say that Android Instant Apps are the lite versions of Android native apps, allowing users to use without having to download it. The user will be redirected to a small app version of the mobile website when he/she taps on its deep link, which is associated with the Instant app.

Android Instant apps instantly open like web apps, but these apps are working like native apps. Eventually, it makes the user acquisition frictionless for Entrepreneurs and developers.

How Do Android Instant Apps Work?

Do you know how Android Instant Apps work? These apps work by moderating the native applications. Mainly, a native application is divided into small modules, where every single module has classified portions of the full native application.

To give a clear idea about Android Instant Apps, the Android team at Google I/O release a demo video to showcase how it could work with Buzzfeed’s app:

Google also promised that developers would be able to make their apps compatible with Instant Apps with minimal effort. With this, there is an end of worthless mobile websites and allowing users to access effective and better-looking apps without installing them into the smartphones.

Benefits of Android Instant Apps for Startups:

Better Reach:

Now, there is a gap between a mobile application and mobile web getting smaller with the Android Instant Apps. We can’t decide that whether the future of mobility is in apps or on the web, but one thing is for sure that whichever way it goes, it will avail the enterprise and developers with a great reach. Now, they do not have to struggle with their app store ranking and they can market their application in various other ways as well.

nstant Apps Mean Better User Experience:

Using Instant Apps, businesses of different industries can also benefit greatly, especially eCommerce. As we know that shopping on a mobile web page is terrifying and most of the people really hate it. There are lots of applications on the web, they are first greeting users with Open in the App that is waste and irritating for users.

However, Instant Apps gives a great solution to this problem where if a customer looks for a product, startups can direct them to their Instant App with the required information, which is a time-saver.

Many a times, eCommerce businesses are facing a situation, where people looking to purchase a product from them, but the problem is the mobile web experience is annoying. So, these types of startups can use Instant Apps, where they can make the shopping experience of users better that results in increasing user acquisition.

Completely Responsive:

As compared to mobile web, the Android Instant Apps are more custom, responsive, and flexible that give users a better experience that they are looking for. Furthermore, there is no need for users to bother about storage space issues anymore. From a UX perspective, it is a plus point.

Improved Productivity:

Get the above-mentioned two points at a single place and let’s clear and relishing improved productivity. One thing is you are creative enough to excite the users and have a better reach, there’s no way you can’t reap improved productivity with your mobile app.

You will have more chances of reaching new clients and at a comparatively faster rate. It will be possible with the new marketing options that you will have. Once you get them, the remaining depends on your creativity and the user experience you serve.

Decreases Duplication of Efforts:

Another important benefit of Android Instant Apps is that it will decrease the duplication of efforts. Whenever any user will visit a mobile website, it will show him/her a message “open in app”.

Now, it would lead to directly redirecting the user to the Instant Apps. It would not break users’ chain of thought and it might result in more benefits for eCommerce apps.

Wrapping Up:

Android Instant Apps are a completely revolutionary idea that makes apps available for users anytime and anywhere without installing them on the smartphone. Startups can make use of Android Instant Apps and get many advantages and expand their business worldwide.

Moreover, startups can grow their business as such apps enable startups to focus on what matter most – like delivering a wonderful experience for their services. If you have decided to develop one for your business, you ensure that you hire a leading android app development company that has experience of developing such apps.

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