5 Secrets of Great Entrepreneurs

There is no such thing as being a good at business and such assumption sounds preposterous, to begin with. After all, what is a good entrepreneur exactly? Is it someone with great leadership skills, vast experience in their field of work or someone efficient at making contact? Actually, it is all of the above, but the way you get there is the tricky part. Because of this, here are five secrets of accomplished entrepreneurs that are bound to do wonders for both professional and personal aspects of your life.

1. Getting in Shape:

Chess legend Bobby Fischer once admitted that the first time he felt a back pain during the tournament game, he was bound to lose even to a much inferior opponent. This is why he paid special attention to his fitness and ran for miles each and every day. When you enter a big league (and modern business world is nothing short of it) you cannot allow your poor physical health to hold you down. Because of this, any ambitious entrepreneur will have to put an emphasis on getting in shape.

2. Sharing Responsibility:

Every great businessman knows that menial daily tasks can be more exhausting than major corporate decisions. Trying to deal with all of them on your own, is going to leave you completely exhausted which is why you need to stop micro-managing everything. Start sharing some of these responsibilities with your employees or even consider hiring a virtual assistant.

3. Cognitive Skills Enhancers:

Once your business starts growing, you won’t have the time to catch a break. This is why you must be ready to give 110 percent of your capacities. While some resort to meditation, yoga and similar methods of boosting their alertness, more and more entrepreneurs are looking towards pharmaceutic solutions to their problem. For example, enhancers like Lucid smart pill are specifically designed to have a positive effect on your focus, mental stamina and memory, giving you the overall productivity boost you so desperately need. From outside, this pill seems more like something you are likely to see in a Sci-Fi movie than on a pharmacy stand.

4. Working on Confidence:

A lot of time, it is the duty of an entrepreneur to persuade other people to entrust them with their hard earned money. If the entrepreneur in question doesn’t look confident enough, people are bound to second-guess their decision to cooperate with such a person. There are several ways to show more confidence in your business and they are mostly consisted of seemingly unrelated things such as your posture, positivity and openness towards feedback. Those who manage to achieve this are bound to get themselves on the path towards something great.

5. Knowing Your Business:

Sun Tzu once said in his The Art of War that the key to success in battle lies in deception. This rule applies to the world of business as well. One of your main goals should be to make your business appear stronger than it is (regardless how big you have become), but this can sometimes be a double-edged sword. Through this deception, they convince themselves that their business is much stronger than it actually is, which makes them accept projects they could never finish in time or with results that are good enough. Sun Tzu also said: “If you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles.” Therefore, making a mistake of overestimating yourself can be a horrifying thought.


As you can see, there is much similarity between the great entrepreneurs of the 21st century and military leaders of old. Both must become an inspiring image to their employees and a proper nightmare for their competitors. All is fair in love and war and business seems to be no short of warfare.

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