How to Use Images to Accelerate the Conversion Rate of Your Site?

When people surf the net they are not only looking for useful and relevant information but also want to enjoy the experience. A good way of building a better connect with your audience and boosting site conversions is to use the right type of images. While this may seem to be given, you will still see a number of websites that do not seem to have woken up to this fact yet. Here are some tips on using images intelligently to enable a better browsing experience for visitors and increase the conversion rate of your site.

Emotions Are Important:

While everyone would like to believe that he makes only rational decisions, the importance of emotion cannot be ignored. If website administrators can help visitors enjoy a positive experience, it is more likely that they would retain a good impression of the website, be prompted to be loyal to it and transact on it more frequently. When you include images that bring a positive reaction or sentiment they can act as powerful stimulants and bring about a positive state of mind among the viewers. They feel happy and wanted and as a result they will have a tendency to connect better and to agree with your point of view even though they are conscious of your real intentions.

Contemplate on Employing a Mascot:

Mascots have been used by product manufacturers and service providers since times immemorial. We have seen so many examples of extremely successful marketing tactics using mascots. Now the same technique is being used by website managers to great effect for positive branding. The use of a mascot helps to reinforce the image of the brand in the minds of the audience and makes it easier to create the emotional impact that they are seeking. Creating mascots does not entail too much expense; there are dozens of creative illustrators and designers who can give you a number of options to choose from. Make sure though that you give them the correct brief about what you intend the mascot to deliver and what your business is all about, so that the mascot character is not out of line.

Leverage the Power of Human Touch:

It is a well-established fact people relate the best to human faces and figures. When you learn SEO course fundamentals you will know that any website will perform far better if the web designer chooses to use human figures to demonstrate the use or convenience of whatever product or service that is being offered. The usage of humans in images serves to focus the attention of the audience to a point that is of common interest. However, it should be kept in mind that the images should not depart too much form the generally accepted principles of what is favored by the majority of the cross-section of the audience viewing and experiencing the site.

Think Unconventionally:

As far as the use of images goes, there is so much that you can achieve by leveraging technology. People are forever curious to see something new and dramatic and would love to see you being experimental on your website. If you are trying to project that your products or services are out of the ordinary and the expected, you should try and reinforce the image by using images that are equally imaginative and unusual.

Demonstrate Product Validation:

One of the most powerful results that the use of images can achieve is validation that the product or service is useful. This is the reason why human figures are routinely shown as using the product and being highly satisfied with the performance. The humans could be celebrities or just the average unknown guy; the identity is a matter of the brand promotion strategy.

Address Customer Concerns:

Many online businesses seem to forget that their reason of existence is to satisfy certain customer needs and the website content should be all about convincing them that the product or service does that admirably. The images used should serve to convince the audience that the business is keen to address their requirements and give them the experience they are seeking. Make the images realistic and believable and do not resort to using stock images because the common perception is that a business that does not seem to have ‘real’ photos is unlikely to have good products.

Author bio:

Justin Sheen is a creative web designer who specializes in transforming the look and feel of websites for better stickiness and conversion. He is a firm believer that owners of websites should also learn SEO course basics to enable them appreciate the importance of user experience.

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