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Knowledge has become ubiquitous; all the credit goes to web technologies. With the amount of exposure on the web, we need a proper medium to communicate better with a wide berth of clientèle which spreads wide across the globe as they come from different lingual community. Wherefore, logos have certainly become the most indispensable part of our branding in this world of globalization. They have become one true medium of communication in this world where people speak numerous different languages and dialects.

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“Logos and branding are so important. In a big part of the world, people cannot read French or English–but are great in remembering signs”

― Karl Lagerfeld

Aptly quoted and thus in this blog we will discuss the stereotypical conventions which designers have   while designing a brand like branding logo and this is where they fail.

1) Being in Vogue:

I don’t know why I get irked when someone tells me “this is the latest trend”. Wooop! I am not a trend follower kind of person. When a certain trend comes in, everyone tends to follow it blindly and after a certain point of time it becomes hackneyed. Be it glows, bevels or swooshes every new thing which came into light became a trend and lost its charm, because it became very common.

Where is the Individuality left?

Following the trend takes away your individuality and hence the chances of casting an imprint on your potential user’s brain diminishes.

I am not saying that you just need to leave the razzmatazz of the designing world and carve your own path. Stay in touch with what’s happening, but don’t be another cattle in the heard.

2) Designing for the heck of it!

A design can make or break your business and this is what a professional designer must remember while designing your professional logo. The aim is to give an utterly professional business look to carve a good impression of your website. Talking about new business entrants, they spend a lot of time and resources and money in accumulating the property and machinery, but fail to pay heed towards their logo which is the face of their business.

Dearth of concerns is the sheer reasons why logo fails to impress the audiences. Let us look why logos look bad:

  1. Business owners try to go for cost cutting by not hiring ace designers and they want the process to be swift.
  2. They favor to get a logo designed from an acquaintance instead of hiring a professional designer.
  3. Business owners end up hiring local printers which do not have much exposure in designing proficient logos.
  4. Many owners just hand over the job of logo designing to some online design company which offers high reasonable rates.
  5. Outsourcing any amateur design company with rookie designers.

In short all these ignorance will certainly lead to have pernicious effects on your business. The repercussions of your logo looking like a rookie can be seen the long run. As a business owner, you must invest wisely, so as to give a perfect face to your business which is your logo.

3. Font is just a Fad:

We know that a logo does not have a very wide space to cover, henceforth you need to make the design very subtle and choose the font such that the scanty area is wisely utilized in order to disseminate your motto. Choosing the correct font for your logo might be at times more time consuming than designing the logo itself.

It demands a lot of time to pick out the most suitable font for your logo. Hand pick a few and gradually narrow down your options and then find out the best one which fits the best. It is not a dictum of designing that you need to pick a font which is already designed, you can certainly make your own font, purchase one, or you can make some tweaks in an existing one in order to solve your purpose. At the end of the day you need to get the best font which can fit in to your design details and can communicate your brands identity well in tandem with the images and hues which you have picked for your brands logo.

4. Simplicity is Too Simple:

“There is no greatness where there is no simplicity, goodness and truth.”

– Leo Tolstoy

Design simple logo’s as you are trying to cast an impression on the users not trying any propaganda over here. Simple logos easily catch attention of the users as they are easy to capture in memory when compared with a complex one. One must not mistake simplicity to be simple with commonness. Though we need simple logos, but they must be unique in order to create a distinguished impact for your business. Simplicity not only makes a logo more imprintable on user’s memory, but adds versatility to it. Wherefore, this gives you the leverage to use it in different number of places such as postage stamp, neon boards or billboards.

5. Raster Images:

Designers generally use standard vector design softwares such as Corel Draw or Adobe illustrator for designing logos. Talking about vector graphics they are designed in a mathematically calculated points, in order to delivery high visual consistency irrespective of the size and shape of the devices being used. The substitute of this is to use a graphic software for designing raster images, namely Adobe Photoshop. A raster graphic is also known as bitmap or consists of pixels.

It is not advised to use raster images for your business logo, as they might pose problems while reproducing. Although, we have Photoshop which is capable of creating large logos, but one can actually not speculate how large an image can be required at times. A raster graphic appears to be pixelated when we zoom it, thus making it quite unusable.

In this modern world , the main requisite is to maintain the consistency of the visual images on devices of all the sizes.

Why to Choose vector Graphics for your Logo?


Because vector images can be stretched to a larger size without compromising with the quality.

  1. Because they make editing much easier.
  2. Because they can be easily adapted to all the media than a raster image.

Last, but not the least tip!


It is obviously necessary to have a grasp of what you are going to design and learn from accomplishments and failures of other designers. However, the most important thing in creating incredible logos is to “unbridled your creative horses to reach the zenith of creative excellence.”

Author’s Bio:

Jack Calder is a hard working expert in Markupcloud Ltd. He is currently involved in PSD to HTML slicing process. Jack also do some research on web development scenarios and new trends. Jack likes to share new ideas on the web also.

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