Roadmap to Design Offbeat Websites

A website is the manifestation of your business personality; and of course your individual persona. It is the global representation of your business in true sense therefore business website design must pass through all the required stages of designing process that can yield the optimum dividends out of it.

The stages of website designing process may include preparation and planning that should embody business acumen, visualization, creativity, advertising potential, technical knowhow, etc.

Well planned and appropriately prepared projects are the core to the most astonishing and successful outcomes. It’s not only about critically reviewing the competitors’ websites and browsing a few great website with enticing graphics, but engineering something offbeat also requires extraordinary inputs, ingredients and thought provoking considerations!

Shall we have an insight into the stages that can outline the complete roadmap of crafting an awesome website design?

Stages of Awesome Website Design:

Behind the Scene Objective:

Yes, that’s absolutely the very first stage to start with.  Browse the information / literature of the company and interact with the marketing head to develop an understanding of their business and its need to design a website. You can develop an information sheet and jot down the necessary information they offer. It must include – What are the objectives of the company behind crafting the website? Which services, products, or ideas do they want to roll out? What are the branding aspects and how customer focused the company is? Do not miss out considering the customers too while understanding the business. This is what the company is there for.

Focus on Advertising Focus Areas:

Next comes, the advertising strategy of the company. Try questioning the marketing head about the advertising metrics of the company and try to sync the website design with this metric to enhance the awareness of the core products, services to create a good reputation and to improve customer acquisition. Come up with slogans that can hit the customer, banners that catch the eyeballs, special offers etc.

Thorough Research:

Before actually giving any firm shape to website design concepts, thorough research is mandatory. Analyze design and features of competitor websites to study their weaknesses and strengths. Keep an eye on navigation, management, performance, customer impact etc. and keep track what are well done by them and how you can improve it.

Dream Structure:

After having a considerable idea about the business goals and advertising layout that you must incorporate to improve your website’s design and related features, take a short break and involve in daydreaming. Dreaming with an intention to plan out stages is the most crucial phase of any successful project. Imagination is real metric of intellect. Compare your dream image with actual business facts and reshape the website design mentally.

Think like Customer:

This is the most essential factor in website design preparation and planning. Customers’ website experiences are instrumental in influencing brand satisfaction and it directly converts to sales. Visit the website you have mentally created and think if you can connect with its colors, graphics, usability, functionality, details, personalization, detail, aesthetics, speed etc.?

Designing Time:

Mental refinements result to real action. Now assemble the mental imagination more strongly with website design planning aspects. Draw it all and you will be surprised to know that all the mental exercises you have done have been reflected in your design. You may require web designing tools and consult with your counter web programming team for scripts, databases and other technical needs of website.

Take a Break:

A well-rested mind is the best potential arsenal for any preplanned battle. Get rid of all thoughts of website designing for a while and involve in something else. After a short complete break, start designing your website.

You will be pleasantly surprised when this entire process of website design planning will take a few hours with awesome results. Just do not forget to cherish your creation when it is completely done.

Author Bio:

Barton Griffiths is a leading Website Designer . He has impressive and in-depth knowledge about the latest website design trends and web development solutions. Here, he suggested that “Roadmap to Design Offbeat Websites”. He achieved best-quality results in a less time and money as well that brings in additional revenues.

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