Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G vs Micromax Yu Yureka – What to Choose?

Mobiles have always been a great source of entertainment, information and to top it all awesome medium to stay connected with your near and dear ones, family, friends, associates and businesses.

Endless Options:

The market is flooded with great range of mobile phones in terms of variety, brand, price range, specifications, functionalities, features and various aspects. There are several mobile companies developing and launching new models of mobile almost every month. Samsung, Nokia, Micromax, Sony, iPhone, etc. to name a few!

Dearth of Low Budge Quality Smartphone:

Hitherto last year, there have been no good options for the consumers in the smartphone market, if they have a limited budget of Rs. 10,000 to buy a smartphone. And now in 2015, with the companies targeting to lower end of the market, we have several awesome and affordable devices on which we can lay our hands.

The Dearth Ends:

Within the array of affordable and yet cool and good quality phones are Micromax Yu Yureka and Xiaomi RedMi Note 4G – as 3G version is no more available for sale as per the Delhi High Court Order. Both these devices are phablets as Indian consumers are more inclined towards large-screen phones.

Yu is the latest smartphone company that has debuted in Indian smartphone market. Supported by Micromax, the company has rolled out the Yureka, priced at 8999 and is available for sale in Amazon India from Jan, 2015. This smartphone runs on Cyanogen OS 11 and known for having the cheapest LTE capable smartphone. As is expected, it can be the greatest competitor of Redmi Note 4G, which has been introduced to the Indian market in Feb, 2015.   Let’s have a comparative analysis of these two giants, in terms of features, cost, technical specification, performance etc.

Price: This is the most decisive factor that can help or leave the consumer perplexed while purchasing a smartphone. But these two phablets are really affordable without leaving hole in one’s pocket as they both cost under Rs. 10,000. While the 4G variant of Xiaomi  RedMi Note is set to cost you Rs. 9,999, the YU Yureka will ask you to cough up only Rs. 8,999.

Display: In this aspect both the smartphones have 5.5-inch IPS display and with the similar 720×1280 pixel resolution. Both the phones come with same physical dimensions that measures 154x70x9.50 mm, however Yureka is somewhat thinner at 8.80 mm. In addition, the screens are also protected by Gorilla Glass 3, making it scratch free.

Camera: In this front also both the phones offers the same quality of offerings i.e. 13-mega pixel image sensor. The very close contest in camera helps RedMi Note to capture better colors where as the Yureka focus on more detail in its images.

Processor: In this aspect the hardware being used by these phones are entirely different! The RedMi Note is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 quad-core processor that runs at 1.6GHz. Whereas, Yureka is powered by Snapdragon 615 Processor, which is an octa-core processor having 1.5GHz.

Battery: Redmi Note steals the show by flaunting a stronger strength with 3,200mAh battery.  On the other hand Yureka has to offer a 2,500mAh battery life making RedMi the winning player.

Storage:  The storage different is quite huge as RedMi Note has 8GB internal storage that can be expanded through microSD card, whereas the Yureka is powered by 16GB internal storage with similar expansion option. Though there is no virtual difference in terms of actual performance.

Software: This is where these two smartphones did not appear to be similar! Although both support 4G network, but RedMi Note 4G runs on Android KitKat within the fold of MIUI whereas Yureka runs on Cyanogen OS 11 although built over Android KitKat. Yureka provides various customizing features like menu, themes, and the option to change the fonts and much more.

Moreover Yureka is expected to be the maiden handset to receive Lollipop version, albeit there is no such proclamation from RedMi Note 4G.

Nonetheless, there is no virtual difference between these two phones, but a few minor ones, it has already started to make a surge within the Indian smartphone market for being the youngest, smartest and cheapest smartphone within the budget of Rs. 10,000! Be sure, you have the best pick through this piece of information!

Author Bio:

Barton Griffiths is a leading expert in Open Source Web & Mobile Apps Solutions field. He has impressive and in-depth knowledge about the latest mobile and mobile apps developmentsolutions. Here, he suggested comparison between Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G and Micromax Yu Yureka. He achieved best-quality results in a less time and money as well that brings in additional revenues.

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