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Few people really know what is, and there are even those who have been using computers for a long time who get confused about it. Well, there’s really nothing mysterious about it, as the following facts will show.


If you have a LAN (local area network) set up at home or you use a router you will know that is an Internet Protocol address. Whenever you type those numbers at the address bar, the homepage of your router will show up. It is at your router homepage that you will be required to enter your username and password. While this IP address is available for different companies it is very much identified with routers made by Netgear and D-Link as they use it for their default home page.

If you have one of these routers you will see that the homepage is also the place where you can get access to various features on your router like LAN network settings, DHCP server settings, MAC address filtering WEP and many more. If you are utilizing a device that combines a wireless access point, router and modem, this is going to be the page where you will input your password, username, connection type and other settings.

Why is Used:

The reason why this address is used is that it is only one of the few IP addresses that can be utilized as a private network. These addresses are those from the block to to the block ranging from to and finally, the block from to

There are also some IP ranges that are still in reservation by the IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority) to be used for other purposes. If this is the case, the address is your gateway to the public network where data is transmitted to your IP in the same block.

Because of its versatility this IP address is widely used, but it is very important that you use a username and password that is hard to guess. If your password and username are hard to detect, then you are protected from hackers even if they learn what your IP address is. Since this IP address is used as the default homepage and come with a lot of settings, it is possible to make a mess of it, so be careful when making modifications.

Other Information: is part of the IPv4 IPs and it is intended for non-public utilization. Just like other private IP address this one can be modified, but even if it is changed it is almost always identified with routers. If you are using this IP address there is no need for DHCP server mount splitting and you also don’t need to mess around with numerous switches.

If you are just going to use this for making changes to your username, password and other data then there will be no problem when it comes making them work. But do keep in mind that this is an important component in your system, so make sure that don’t do anything to mess it up.

As you can see, learning what is not that difficult and in fact it pays to know just what it is about. By simply knowing the facts you will be in a better position to handle any problems that may arise.

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